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We think every day is worth celebrating. So, show us how you celebrate in style. We love colors and flowers that harmonize into a wedding table design concept, a ceremony backdrop, a birthday bouquet, a sweet table or just a cosy Sunday dinner.


We've always been fascinated about advertising and shop displays. You have to admit some of them are just breathtaking. And we definitely love people who know how to make a HOME out of a house. Show us what you've got!


For this category, we don't necessarily expect full events or shootings. We love flowers and design details as such. So, feel free to submit collections with at least 10 different photos.



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Give us some background information. What is the story behind the event? Why was this particular design concept chosen? What inspired you to create this beauty? What was the scenario behind, maybe you got inspired from a painting, a song, a leaf? Tell the world what is on your Beautiful Mind!
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