Grown-up Alice, from Styria with Love

Grown-up Alice, from Styria with Love

A Styled Shoot about Love as the Gateway to Wonderland in Graz, Austria

The Beauty Chaser Wedding photography inspiration blog by Austrian Wedding Planner High Emotion Weddings Vienna

Concept, Planning & Organisation: wedding AGENCY

Photography: Kanižaj Marija-M. | life photography 

Videography: Nihilo

Design: Sensual Designery by Sensual Weddings 

Venue: Ranninger am Grottenhof

Sweet Table I: Das Tortenatelier

Sweet Table II: Betty’s Bakery – molecular sensations

Ceremony Officiant: Herzensworte

Florals: Blumen Engele 

Stationery: Kiris Artworks 

Bridal Dresses: küss die Brautbrautgeflüster 

Painted Shoes: Painted Love

Rings & Jewelry: Feinheit Goldschmiede 

Headpiece & Jewelry: Anna Mitter by Luna Miller 

Hairstyling: Stefan Krar, CHT GRAZ

Make-up: Die Puderei


We will soon say goodbye to our old "online home", and will soon be launching the new homepage for High Emotion Weddings. We will be posting only our own content there, so THE BEAUTY CHASER will be the online coffee table magazine for sparkling eyes and melting hearts, as we announced. It will be a place of Beauty and inspiration. So, we want to make sure you can still admire the Beauty we showed on the old blog from some very talented wedding vendors.

Now, that’s already a good sign, when both brides have the same name.

We are presenting you today the highly emotional love story of Eva and Eva. One thing is for sure: the creative team had a great deal of fun shooting this inspirational wedding material. You’ll see some very interesting decoration elements, unique sweets, lots of laughing and two beautiful and very much in-love ladies. When we posted this story on the High Emotion Weddings blog, we were remembering the tragic events in Orlando. One year has passed by and more of these tragedies have darkened the skies of the free world. This makes us cherish the Beauty that we get to create and the Love that we witness every day among such talented colleagues and beautiful couples from all over the world. We still believe... Love wins! Love is Love!

The shooting was themed , „Grown-up Alice“ and should remind us of Alice in Wonderland. However, we didn’t intend to bring a well-known story back to life, but to show that couples can create their own wonderland. You can enter this amazing wonderland, as soon as you dedicate yourself to your partner.
— Sabrina Ovcak, wedding AGENCY
We wanted to create a very authentic shooting, and focus on capturing the real emotions, to show how it can really be here in Austria. This is why we have also asked a real couple to model for us. Eva and Eva have already been together for some years now, so it was a nice opportunity for them too. We gathered 17 partners of the wedding industry from all over Austria. We consciously chose a rustic location, in order to emphasize the design in the contrasting ambiance.
— Sabrina Ovcak, wedding AGENCY

The ladies are really shining and the guests are obviously moved by the touching words during the ceremony conducted by Gabriele Koch from Herzensworte.

The Beauty Chaser’s Hot Tip

A themed event doesn’t have to be expensive. Small, lovely, consistent details will put together the desired overall image. Brainstorm! Definitely brainstorm! Yep, with paper and pencil! Classical brainstorming always does wonders... oh, and with some creative puns, you may even reach Wonderland just like it happened with the quote painted on the shoes. By the way, golden lasercut signs are currently very IN!

The Beauty Chaser‘s favorite Wonderland motifs:

The Beauty Chaser’s facts about Sabrina Ovcak

  • Having worked in HR, Sabrina describes herself as a „creativity bomb“, an insightful, visionary organisation talent and „passionate event creator“.
  • What does she do besides Wedding Agency? She is also hosting the Austrian Wedding Lounge in Graz
  • We celebrate Sensual Tuesday every first Tuesday of the month – each time with another motto!
  • Belief: The power of many. Together we can do more!
  • Motto as Wedding Planner: listen – understand – consult – plan – implement!
  • Hashtag: #ilovemyjob
  • Why styled shoots? I love having a playground where I can experiment and try new things.
Alice in Wonderland themed same sex wedding styled shoot LGBT Graz Styria Austria Sabrina Ovcak wedding agency

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