Metamorphoses: from Passion to Love

Metamorphoses: from Passion to Love


 An homage to the transformation one undergoes when falling in love. A story about two individuals becoming one, inspired by Ovid's "Metamorphoses"

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Groom's bow tie and hankie: STRAUB Vienna

Jewellery: Juwelier Neuwirth

Hair: Daniel Cornea & Adriana Holban

Make-up: Adriana Holban Make-up Artist

Stationery: Eden Paperie

Wedding cake & sweets: We Love Cakes

Special helper: Monika Toth, Perfect Wedding

Starring: Hannelora Ileni-Fagadar & Andrei Fagadar

Guest star: Larry

Concept, Planning & Production: High Emotion Weddings

Photo & Video: Die Ciuciu's

Design, styling & florals: Cup of Roses

Indoor venue: Spanish Riding School, Hofburg Palace Vienna

Outdoor venue: Castle Obersiebenbrunn

Bridal dress: Delicate, Romana Ghita-Urmanczy

Bridal headpieces: Niely Hötsch

Groom's smoking & bridal shoes: Bridal shop Flossmann



This wedding editorial is inspired by Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” in an imperial setting in wonderful Vienna, Austria. It is an homage to the transformation one undergoes when falling in love, when two individuals become one.

It is the story of a maiden who is very much alike Narcissus, being passionately in love with her own beauty, pleasures and independence, who turns into a self-confident, charming young lady once she falls in love with her future husband.


Once again, she let the wind whisper poems in her red hair, while dreaming of wandering the world - just the two of them: the beauty and the horse - the maiden and her passion for discovery - the red flowers and the golden magic.

Ah wretched me! I now begin too late
To find out all the long-perplex’d deceit;
It is my self I love, my self I see;
I kindle up the fires by which I burn,
And my own beauties from the well return.
Whom should I court? how utter my complaint?
Enjoyment but produces my restraint,
And too much plenty makes me die for want.
How gladly would I from my self remove!
And at a distance set the thing I love.
— Ovid, "Metamorphoses" Book III, "Narcissus"
He then salutes her with a warm embrace;
And, e’re she half had told the morning chase,
With love enflam’d, and eager on his bliss,
Smother’d her words, and stop’d her with a kiss
— Ovid, "Metamorphoses" Book II, "Calisto")
...and searching through the Elysian fields, he found Eurydice
And took her in his arms with leaping heart.
There hand in hand they stroll, the two together;
Sometimes he follows as she walks in front,
Sometimes he goes ahead and gazes back -
No danger now - at his Eurydice.
— Ovid, "Metamorphoses" Book XI, "The Death of Orpheus"

Something had changed. It was that single moment when she saw him, that the reds started to slowly fade into pure whites, and rich golden shades of passion into noble silver lights of love.