Blush Blooms & Timeless Lace

Blush Blooms & Timeless Lace

Vintage '50s lace dress meets delicate blooms in blush, dusty green and violet tones at countryside mansion near bratislava


The Beauty Creators

Creative Direction, Styling, Florals: PONK Rentals

Photography: Jana Makroczy Photography 

Venue: Wiegerova Vila 

Model & Fashion Styling: Patricia Kusicka | One Plus Me

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This shoot is all about about natural feel, timelessness and artisanal quality.
Blush roses violet clematis astilbe dahlias and Dusty Miller table centrepiece by PONK Rentals

Yes, ok, I have to confess I am generally in love with Hana's work. I love how she already sees the whole concept with her mind's eyes when we are not even ten minutes into our briefing session. There is an amazing harmony in the colors and textures that she uses in her bouquets and flower arrangements and... a gorgeous touch of natural and delicate wilderness.

I am probably going to make a very strange comparison right now, but I feel that this describes it best: do you know that sensation, when you taste an "espuma" - a very light and fluffy mousse - of some perfectly combined, delicate flavors? Well... I had exactly this heart-caressing-eye-sparkling feeling when I saw these big rose blooms, along with the subtle Dusty Miller leaves, blush Astilbe and violet Clematis.

So I decided to start our series of Design & Floral Art section with this lovely creation. Remember to submit your work in this category to THE BEAUTY CHASER.

And then that vintage lace dress reminded me of some of my mother's dresses, of those elegant and classy, but strong, statement fabrics.

The shoot was inspired by a lace vintage wedding dress. It belongs to a grandma of my cousin who got married at the and of 1950s. We love their delicate and understated ethereal beauty with an amazing neck line. Yet, when you have a closer look, the construction is so complex and solid, with clever details that are very flattering.
— Hana | PONK Rentals
Blush violet dusty green wedding flowers by Ponk Rentals for Slovakian bride in vintage lace dress
We try to reflect the dress details by choosing clematis, with it’s fragile yet strong structure and beautiful pale color as our main flower. Patricia, our model and a good friend, who is behind the fashion blog One Plus Me represents the same qualities.
— Hana | PONK Rentals
Patricia’s beauty is very natural and timeless, the longer you look at her the more you like her. The location, Wiegerova Vila, embodies similar values.
They are all about natural feel, timelessness and artisanal quality.
— Hana | PONK Rentals

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