Destination Proposal in Vienna


A surprise marriage proposal in Volksgarten, Vienna, Austria, by michelle Mock Photography. or HOw a city trip can turn into one of the most memorable experiences in a couple's life.



Photography: Michelle Mock Photography

My medium is film; old fashioned 120mm and 35mm film, the kind your parents and grandparents used to photograph with. Film is the peanut butter to my jelly. I use film because I love the process of shooting and printing. Everything about the process, without the use of electronics, is slow and methodical. I love that it demands planning and thought. This ensures the photos that I take have more meaning to my clients as they have been taken and captured with care.
I also love light and color, and I love the way that film handles and interprets light and color.
— Michelle Mock
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I've always been in love with Vienna. It's always been the city of my dreams, and for quite some years now, I've had the immense honor to make dreams happen here myself. I've seen so much BEAUTY, so many people gathered in this amazing city of music, to witness LOVE. No matter the distance, no matter the language they spoke or the skin color they were born with. Because LOVE IS LOVE and LOVE IS BEAUTY.

Today, in a rather cold and grey Vienna, we're rejoicing this celebration of love that happened last summer in the beautiful Volksgarten ("People's Garden"), next to the Hofburg Palace (Vienna's Imperial Court): the engagement of Gaelle and Habib, from Dubai. 

I am extremely honored to feature the very talented wedding photographer Michelle Mock. Michelle is not only a great professional, but also one of the sweetest and helping ladies, taking care of the wonderful Women of Vienna community. Thank you for that, Michelle!

Since she also moved from USA to Austria a few years ago, we also asked Michelle for some insider tips for couples who choose Vienna as their wedding destination. Enjoy!

Sissi statue Volksgarten Michelle Mock Wedding Photography

A couple of weeks before spending their vacation in romantic Vienna, Habib contacted Michelle to plot the best spot in Vienna where he would propose to his beloved Gaelle, before what was supposed to be an usual opera visit. And... yes, ladies, this amazing blooming garden you see at your right was the scenery of this love story.

The day or spot couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather was divine, the flowers were in bloom, the majority of the tourists had disappeared, and a guitar duet was playing in the background. Habib couldn’t have planned a better time or day to have a surprise wedding proposal.
— Michelle Mock
I arrived earlier than the appointed time just to be certain I wouldn’t miss them and so I could capture some of the scenes in which Habib was going to ask Gaelle.
— Michelle Mock

MICHELLE, What is your hot tip for couples coming from abroad to tie the knot in Vienna?

Depending on the season, I would definitely recommend that couples not overlook the Donau (especially the Sunken City area). When you travel abroad to tie the knot in a city as lively, romantic and historical as Vienna, it can be very easy to get swept away with seeing all the historical sites and running non-stop to cram everything in and get everything done. But I think that’s when it’s most important to take the time to slow down and soak in the special moments. Rushing to get so many things checked off your “to-do list” or “must-see list” will inhibit you from truly enjoying where you are and who you’re with. This is why, during the summer, I recommend going for a leisurely walk along the Donau. With a cool breeze coming off the Donau, it’s incredibly refreshing and romantic to talk and walk along the river and then stop off at the Sunken City for a drink (or two) or maybe even a slow dance along the water.

During the fall or winter time, I recommend going to the opera. It might sound like a cliche thing to do here in Vienna, but dressing up and sitting in a plush seat while listening to the sounds of heaven whisper in your ear with your partner next to you is truly a romantic and absolute must-do thing for a couple when they’re in Vienna during the cooler seasons. Taking moments like this to either walk or sit and absorb the surroundings you’re in will really help you to slow down and treasure the moments with the one you love.
— Michelle Mock
I love the challenge and genuineness of an engagement session or a wedding. Working alongside and connecting with two people who are in love and committed to each other, and capturing that on film... well, there is truly no greater love story.
— Michelle Mock

What are your favorite shooting locations in Vienna? 

I adore all gardens and courtyards. The gardens of Schönbrunn and Volksgarten may be among my favourite, however if my clients aren’t able to have their session early in the day I will typically encourage them to have their session in a courtyard. Many of the courtyards I’ve found are more tucked away and hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds, but they make for more intimate moments away from prying eyes.
— Michelle Mock

We wish Gaelle and Habib all the best for their future together! Michelle, thank you for the BEAUTY and lovely insights. Stay tuned for the next amazing stories and don't forget to send us Beauty!